coinbase Pro Fill Alerts

If you have ever used coinbase Pro formerly known as GDAX to trade cryptocurrencies you are probably aware that they offer no alert system.  So when you place a limit order and it sits on the books until it is filled.  Once it is filled coinbase Pro does not provide an alert that your order has been filled.  Unless you are watching the site you will not be aware that your order has filled.  They do offer an API where you can gather information on your account and trades.  But to do this you would need to know how to code up a service to accept the responses from their API.

coinbase Pro Open Orders

As a quick work around I use the TradingView alert system when ever I add a limit order to coinbase Pro After I enter the order I flip over to TradingView and add an alert for my fill price.  I .have provided an image below on how I go about setting up my alerts on TradingView.

TradingView Fill Alert

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