coinbase Pro Fill Alerts

TradingView Fill Alert

If you have ever used coinbase Pro formerly known as GDAX to trade cryptocurrencies you are probably aware that they offer no alert system.  So when you place a limit order and it sits on the books until it is filled.  Once it is filled coinbase Pro does not provide an alert that your order has been …

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Jump Starting FocusPlanTrade

It has been a while since I started this site.  I am now going to start populating it with frequent small articles, trading tips and things that I have learned over the past year.  This past year I have been studying and working hard on learning how to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies.  I feel that …

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Purpose of Focus Plan Trade

What is the purpose of FPT. The purpose and reason why I am creating FPT is to document my journey of learning to become a trader. I want to focus my initial effort on becoming a swing trader because I do have a Full Time day job and swing trading is something I can do …

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